The ASCI (Catholic Scouts of Italy Association) Verona 3 scout group was born in 1945, at the Santa Maria Immacolata Parish in Borgo Milano, but it was soon closed at the end of the 50’s.

In 1967 the ASCI group Verona 10 founded the “Cangrande” unit. After a temporary headquarters at the San Bernardino Parish, the unit moved again to Santa Maria Immacolata Parish, joining with the Verona 13. A little bit later, on 5th december 1976 it decided to break off to found, with the help of the staff living near the Parish, the new Verona 3. The new neckerchief keeps the blue colour of Verona 13, adding one grey stripe (remembering the colours of old Verona 3) and two yellow ones (as an homage to the yellow neckerchief of Verona 10). 

The “Cangrande” boy scout unit immediately collaborated with the girl scout unit “Della Scala”, and then with the wolf cub pack, then with the Rover scout unit (clan) “La Cordata” and eventually with the young rovers and rangers unit (noviziato) “El Sestin”. Some years later arrived the MASCI (Catholic Adults Scout of Italy Movement), and at the beginning of the 90’s, thanks to the helpfulness of some staff, the new group Lugagnano 1 was founded. At the same time, thanks to the engagement (even economical) of some MASCI members, an old farmhouse was purchased near San Bortolo delle Montagne. Restored and adapted, it became after many years of work the current Scout Base.

In the same period a second boy scout unit was born, the “Mastino”; it headquartered at the Croce Bianca suburb. It was closed a few years later, in 1998.
In 1995, “Fortino's” wolf cub pack was divided into two smaller packs (“Parlata Nuova” and “Roccia della Pace”) which, after various difficulties, were reunited into a single pack and finally broke through in 2000, creating the current packs “Parlata Nuova” and “Cascate della Waingunga”.
In the summer of 2004 all six units gathered in Serrada (Trento) and in 2017, once more, in Sereto (Arezzo) to live together their Group Camp. In 2005 the “Bosco Verde” cooperative (the same as San Bortolo) got in concession a house in Pradasacco, over Peri (Verona), in order to make it another Scout Base: after a heavy renovation it was inaugurated in 2006.During all these years the units participated in many national and international events: the national “Alisei”, “Tre Foglie” and the latest "Squadriglia, un’avventura nel tempo"; the service camps in Albania, the Rover Moot in 2000 and the CGG of Köln for the rover scout and ranger guide sections. Moreover, at least an ambassador of ours has been present at all Jamborees since 1995.

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